2019 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

The St. Clair County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) address health disparities and promote health equity, with the goal of better health and wellness for all county residents.

The components included in this document represent the strategic framework for a data-driven and community-informed Community Health Improvement Plan. The St. Clair County Health Department, along with community partners, stakeholders, and St. Clair County citizens, will continue finalizing the (CHIP) by prioritizing strategies, developing specific 1-year action steps, assigning lead responsible parties, and identifying resources for each priority area. Countywide engagement opportunities will occur through interactive public meetings. As needed, detailed work plans for the listed strategies will be developed by the lead agencies.Each year, the (CHIP) Advisory Committee will reconvene to review the plan, discuss progress, and share lessons learned. After the annual meeting, the plan will be updated with the most recent data, and any needed changes in strategies will be made. The St. Clair County Health Department will develop an annual progress report based on the results of the progress meeting and will republish a new version of the plan on its website. Progress reports and the updated plan will be distributed to partners via email when available.In 2023, the (CHIP) Advisory Committee will reconvene to carry out another strategic planning process, select new strategic priority areas, and develop a new community health improvement plan for St. Clair County.Community dialogue sessions and forums should occur in order to engage residents in the implementation, to share progress, to solicit feedback, and to strengthen the (CHIP). Regular communication to community members and stakeholders will occur throughout the implementation. New and creative ways to feasibly engage all parties should continually be explored at the aforementioned engagement opportunities.

Community Health Assessment Profiles

These reports produce comprehensive health data with a purpose to generate a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and look at future considerations of how/what funding to use for all public and private groups that identify health as a priority area. As a result of the 2016 Community Health Assessment, the current (CHIP) planning process began. It is a long-term, systematic effort to address public health problems based on the results of community health assessment activities and the community health improvement process. We have been working to define the vision for the health of a community; set priorities; coordinate & target resources; develop policy & define actions; and address strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & challenges. This process was jointly facilitated by the St. Clair County Metropolitan Planning Commission and Health Department.

Community Health Assessment / Planning

The St. Clair County Health Department actively participates in a community-wide health assessment and improvement process. Led by the Community Services Coordinating Body, this collaborative effort to carry out the county’s action plan involves a wide range of community groups, human service organizations and county residents.

Ongoing health assessment activities include conducting a behavioral risk factor survey, publication of a community health report card, and associated health improvement efforts through a network of community coordinated linkages. In addition, Health Department staff are involved in an extensive list of community coalitions. Examples of these include the Child Fatality Review Committee, Health Community Coalition, the Environmental Education Committee, and the Helmet Safety Committee. Regional collaborative activities include representation on the Bi-National Public Health Advisory Committee, the Regional Community Planning Group for HIV Prevention, and the Thumb Area MSS/ISS Coordinators Committee.